Avoid Serious Problems by Performing Air Compressor Repairs

Many people suffer from greater losses by simply failing to perform air compressor repairs. They think that not doing so is fine, especially when their air compressor is still doing its job in spite of some problems. One reason for this is the fact that they want to avoid the cost they have to spend when doing repair and maintenance. They do not realize that neglecting these things can actually bring more problems than expected.

Basically, an air compressor is a machine and just like with any kind of machine, it too needs regular maintenance for them to perform their best. Proper maintenance can help reduce downtime, identify possible problems, and extend the life of your machine. If your unit wears out of break down, the consequences can be very expensive. You may have to shut down the whole segment of the business. So, if you want to avoid these things, you may ask “how should I perform repairs and maintenance?


Maintenance Tips for your Air Compressor

Here are some regular maintenance tasks that you need to perform on your air compressor.


Visual Inspection

This is the very first step to avoid air compressor repairs and to make sure that your machine is in its best shape. You need to perform a visual inspection at least once every week. You also need to keep an eye out for dirty filters, oils leaks, and other obvious problems that can interfere with the machine’s operations.


Audio Inspection

As you do the visual inspection, make sure that you also listen to your machine. In case there is something that sounds off, it could be a problem that needs to be addressed.


Check the Oil

If you are making use of a lubricated air compressor, make sure that it has enough supply of clean oil that keeps its parts to run smoothly. Check the level of your oil on a weekly basis, making sure that it meets the specifications of the manufacturer.


Wash the Cooler

If your air compressor’s cooler is dirty, it won’t be able to cool the air effectively and this can lead to bigger problems. It is very important that you wash the cooler before the summer starts as this is the most important time to control the heat.


Professional Maintenance

Even if you are performing checks and maintenance, it would still be best if you can have a professional air compressor technician to check in at least once a year to perform a full inspection. This professional would be able to spot problems that you might have missed before they get out of control and cause downtime or expensive repair costs.

By simply doing all the things mentioned above, you will have more savings and you spare yourself from worrying that your air compressor may get broken any time.