Containment Boom: Its Role in Reducing Environmental Impact

It is very important to act quickly in case of an oil spill. The spill should be contained immediately to prevent it from spreading and causing further damage to the environment, especially when it happens on water. To be ready with the right oil spill containment boom and equipment will allow you to save a lot of money on clean-up costs and possible fine for environmental damage.

Oil-Only Absorbent Boom

This is recommended for creating a physical blockade around an oil spill. At the same time, it helps limit the affected area, thus reducing environmental damage and impact, as well as the amount you have to spend on clean-up and restoration.

This type of containment boom absorbs oil-based liquids, making it great for fast and effective confinement of oil spills on land, water, or rain. It also helps surround hazardous oil spill while absorbing the liquid simultaneously. Below are some additional information on this type of absorbent boom and how it helps limit environmental impacts.

How does it Work?

An oil-only containment boom has a polypropylene filler that is chemical-resistant. It is also hydrophobic for absorbing fuel or low-viscosity oil, but not water. Oil spill could be successfully surrounded, thus preventing it from spreading and causing more damage. This absorbent boom also acts fast and immediately absorbs oil as soon as it is put in place. 

As oil is being absorbed, the boom lowers into the water so the remaining oil will be exposed to fresh absorbent. When it is completely saturated, it will float below the water surface, making the retrieval a lot easier.


There are a lot of features that come with this type of absorbent boom that makes it ideal for absorbing and containing oil spills. Today, some booms in the market as a strong and high-visibility ropes throughout the length of their mesh skin, making the retrieval and deployment a lot easier. The outer skin of this absorbent boom is made of a tough mesh that makes it durable as it can resist debris and snags while still remaining pliable.

In case of larger oil spills, most probably you will be needing multiple booms to contain and to absorb the oil. Booms are often attached together with the use of robust clips and linking rings that are featured on some booms that are now available in the market. Both clips and ropes work hand in hand in order to endure heavy loads.

Investing in such absorbent boom is a wise decision especially if you are in a facility or environment with higher tendencies for an oil spill. The least that you can do is, if not to prevent the spill, at least you can minimize the damage that the spill could bring.