Different Types of Drill Rigs for Sale in Canning Vale Australia

Nowadays, it is much easier to find drilling rigs that are for sale in Australia, specifically in Canning Vale. Such equipment has proven their use and function in delivery tasks that only machines can fulfill. There are different types of drilling rigs in the market to choose from. The idea in choosing would basically depend on the specific need.

Generally, drilling rigs are machines used to make ground holes. They can be really massive for the purpose of drilling natural gas well, oil wells, and water wells. On the other hand, they can be smaller and can even be manually carried. These ones are called auger. They are used in sampling mineral deposits, for groundwater and rock, and to test the physical properties of soil.

In some cases, they are utilized in installing fabrication on sub-surface basis like wells, instrumentation, underground utilities, and tunnels. These types of rigs are also mounted on tracks or trucks and even on trailers. Alternatively, they can be mounted on permanent land-based or marine-based structures such as oil platforms or also called as offshore rigs.

Different Types of Drill Rigs for Sale You Can Find in Canning Vale Australia

As mentioned, these rigs can be small and portable such as those used in environmental investigations, mineral exploration, and water wells. These types focus on portability as conventional well rigs are often used for long term basis in drilling projects. But the bigger ones can drill through thousands of the Earth’s crusts. There are also other types such as those for land-based projects. These are used in different types of exploration. Slim hole on the other hand are a lot slimmer compared to conventional drill bores.

More Types Available in the Market

Coil tubing rigs can also be found. These are the types that utilizes technology of coiled tubing wherein the pipes with continuous length are being used and stored in large pools. Such is highly beneficial when it comes to reducing drilling waste, while minimizing equipment footprint. These are also perfect in areas which tend to be environmentally sensitive. They are even used to re-enter into existing wells and in case of unnecessary multiple casing in wells.

There is also the so-called jack up rigs. These are used in shallow water bodies, having a depth of only less than 300ft. This is a type of floating barge with a drilling structure and long legs. Moreover, a drill ship is used for offshore explorations and can drill for up to 10, 000ft. in water.

Drilling can be a tough job and should only be done by experienced individuals. It is also important that you have best quality and proper drilling equipment to do the job. This is something that a professional or just an ordinary user needs to keep in mind.