Piling Drill Rigs

Drill rigs are now commonly used in the construction industry because of the advantages they offer over traditional piling methods. If you are looking for piling rigs for sale, this article will help you understand more the importance of these machines for construction.

In traditional construction projects, engineers conduct a study that will provide them with the information that would help them achieve the planned structure. If you have construction projects that need additional foundational support, you can accomplish them with the use of piles. Piling rigs are long objects that are typically made of concrete, steel or lumber. They are used to drive into the ground using a machine called pile driver.


Piling Rigs vs Traditional Construction Machines

Traditional construction machines used in large commercial operations include vibratory driver or extractor machines and diesel hammer pile drivers. These machines are often used in large construction projects because of they are very effective and efficient. However, these gigantic machines need a wide area to move and swing around during their operation.

A vibratory driver or extractor must be mounted onto a massive crane, making them impossible to use in restricted spaces. These machines require large pathways of land to operate, which are mostly unavailable in densely populated areas. Fortunately, piling rigs are now available for construction sites that have limited working spaces. These machines are a viable alternative to conventional pile driving machineries.

Piling rigs can perform the job of traditional pile drivers and the quality of the output is as good, too. These drill rigs are smaller than the traditional pile drivers, but the design and performance is the same. The demand for piling rigs for sale are growing because of the machine’s versatility and power, making them ideal micropile solutions.


Features of Piling Rigs

One of the most valuable features of a piling drill rig is its ability to operate in job sites with confined spaces. Traditional larger machines would not be able to access in such job sites. Piling rigs have a set of tracks, allowing them to move around easily within job sites.

These machines also utilize advanced emission technology, allowing only very low quantity of exhaust fumes. This feature is very important since the machine is being operated in confined spaces. Remote control operation are also now available in some piling rigs.

Construction projects can also be improvements of foundation support on existing structures, reinforcing a foundation that is likely to fail. In most cases, however, the challenge is usually limited headroom. Fortunately, there are piling rigs that are designed specifically to be used for the operation in these areas. These features of piling rigs have made reinforcement of many older structural foundations possible and successful with only minimum impact on the existing structure.