Security Screen Doors: What to Do To Find a Quality Installer

Investing in security screen doors? Such a decision will equip your home with the increased protection, aesthetic appeal, and even weather protection that it deserves for the benefit of your whole family. As such, it is vital that you make sure that you get the right doors that comply with industrial standards, deliver on design, and provide lasting value for your home. To manage these things, you should choose a good manufacturer, pick a door that matches your home’s style, and ask for a written proof that the door has been manufactured according to the technical requisites of the industry.

But did you know that you also need to choose the right installer for your steel security doors? The wrong choice in professional help can compromise the quality of the product, limit the rewards that your home can enjoy, and even endanger your property. So when choosing your installer, make sure to:


  • Check credentials. There are various requirements, depending on your area, for professionals that install security screen doors and other external accessories designed to provide safety. In Australia, for instance, installers should be bonded and insured, among other requirements, to protect the welfare of consumers and ensure great customer experiences. They also must be licenced or registered with the right agency in the locality to be able to practice. Make sure that you are aware of what is required by your city and run the credentials of your candidates by the proper department.
  • Vet company history. Also, look into the track record of your candidate installer. They should have been in the industry for a good number of years, as that is a good marker of their competence. In addition, their solutions should have benefited a good number of clients who have found them to be more than satisfactory.
  • Read testimonials from previous clients. Speaking of clients, read testimonials whenever and wherever you find them. Independent platforms that are meant to impart consumer awareness are best, as these would be unbiased views from real people. In addition, check if your candidate has published case studies of previous projects so that you can also glean a look at the way that they provide their craftmanship.
  • Schedule a face-to-face consultation. Finally, meet with your candidate installer so that you can have a closer and personal look at the way that they handle projects and client needs. During this consultation, make sure that you communicate all of your requirements and goals and ask them for a detailed approach to your project before agreeing to a contract.