Some Tips For Maintaining A Diesel Air Compressor

As with any other type of equipment, maintenance of a diesel air compressor is important to get the best performance. Because air compressors are used for many types of jobs, it’s important that it be in an operating condition without problems when it goes out on location. Regular and complete maintenance checks will help prevent some of these common problems with the equipment.

Compressors that are fueled with diesel often give ample warning before quitting completely. They may run rough or become much louder than usual. A common cause for this type of impending failure is moisture found inside the compressor. When doing routine maintenance, you should remove moisture that has condensed into the interior of the compressor. Water that has formed in fuel is a problem with gasoline motors. The same is true when the fuel is diesel.

If the diesel level gets low because a leak has developed, the unit will soon quit running. A block in the fuel system will also cause failure of the unit or inefficient operation. Any machinery needs fuel to operate and the compressor unit is no exception. If you suspect a leak in the system, look for evidence of drips below the unit. Replace bad hoses and check for blockages to be removed during maintenance.

A head gasket that has gone bad is another way to end up with a non-functioning diesel air compressor. A defective head gasket will allow diesel to leak into other parts of the compressor. It should be replaced before the damage is irreplaceable. At least take time to check the condition of the gasket regularly.

Filtration is a big part of maintaining a compressor unit. Diesel in the air can have negative results. The fuel should be changed regularly so that there is not time for sludge to form in the compressor. Filtration must be successful to keep the diesel from affecting the proper functioning for the compressed air. Changing the filter periodically and making certain that it is clean will help to lengthen the life of your compressor and make it run more efficiently.

Making the diesel compressor operate efficiently is important when it is on the job. Lost time due to malfunctioning equipment is never pleasant, but when you are up against a deadline, losing time due to the air compressor’s failure to operate could be costly. Make a habit of regular maintenance of this and all equipment used on the job and you won’t run the risk of dead equipment in the middle of a project.