Various Applications for CNC Cutting Machines

There is a wide-scale use for CNC cutting machines and this can be proven by the presence of CNC machines and technology in almost every dynamic industry we have today. CNC technology applications can be seen starting from small scale companies to major industry players. 

Almost every facet of manufacturing can have a practical use for a CNC machining center. If you are involved in the manufacturing sector, you must educate yourself about CNC technology itself and CNC profile cutters about what they can do in helping your organization reach its goals and interests. 

The overwhelming demand for CNC cutting machines and their applicable use in various industries has spawned a great surge on demand for CNC programmers. This is the reason why some educational institutions today are now offering CNC machine programming courses, as a way to meet the growing demands for this job in the manufacturing sector. 

Here are some of the industries where there is a high demand for CNC machine programmer

Industries for Removing Metal

As the name of this industry itself is suggesting, it is involved in the removal of metal components from raw material, so that it will pave the way for the attributes of the material to come to the surface. This may include the automotive industries when it comes to making gears, shafts and a host of other important parts. 

There is a handful of industries that are involved in metal removal works. This can be carried out by different kinds of machine tools including reamer, milling machine, lathe, boring machine, drilling machine, shaping machine, etc. By tradition, these machines are run by a designated operator. But change has come and there are now CNC versions for those types of machines and are being used extensively in various manufacturing facilities throughout the country. 

Industries for Metal Fabrication 

There is a manifold of industries that require the use of steel plates. The CNC machines in such industries are utilized for a manifold of different operations like plasma or flame cutting, shearing, forming, welding, punching and a host of other similar machining operations. 

To bring the metal sheet plates to their final form and shape, these manufacturing firms and fabrication companies employ the use of CNC lasers and CNC plasma. Punching holes into the plates can be carried out using CNC turret punch presses. And if your project requires that you bend the steel plate to a specific angle, CNC press brakes can execute the job for you. 

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Industry

How does a qualified EDM machine remove metal components from a material? It does so by creating parks that are intended to burn the metal. In CNC automation system, EDM comes in two types — the Wire EDM and the Vertical EDM. 

What the vertical EDM requires is an electrode in the size and shape of the cavity that is supposed to be made in the job. The Wire EDM,  on the other hand, is utilized for making punches and die combinations that industries require where fabrication works are carried out. 

Other Industries Where Practical Applications of Industries are Used

Not many of us are aware that CNC cutting machines are also practically used even in the woodworking industry. It is an important part of the work when people working in this industry need to carry out different kinds of operations like drilling and routing. 

CNC technology has also found practical use in engraving systems and lettering. And last but not the least,  CNC machines have also made their way in the electrical industry and can be seen in CNC terminal location and  CNC coil winders.